Had a great Turkey Day!

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal this year! I think it’s the best so far, in recent memory. We went to my sister’s house this year. It’s pretty new (homes are still being constructed down the street and elsewhere in the neighborhood), and even though it’s one story, it feels MUCH larger. It’s also pretty fancy, with outdoor ornamentation lighting, gated area separating the front door (you can even ring the doorbell from there), fancy rich cabinets, crown molding, and everything. My brother-in-law does work for Shell Oil Company. Oh, and by the way, she legally changed her last name to Chan, about a month ago.

So we got here at around 11AM. The folks were still cooking in the kitchen. My family brought over apple pie, and Mom’s delicious ham (with pineapple rings!). My other relatives were there also. So the kids just waited for the food to be ready, and the grown-ups were chatting, catching up, and of course, putting the final touches. My brother played World of Warcraft on Alex’s computer (he wants to buy it, but it cost a lot considering it’s $15 a month). So finally we got to eat! I mostly pigged out on ham, mashed potatoes (super creamy and tasty!), and corn. I sprinkled a lot of McCormick pepper on my food. I love pepper; makes eating vegetables easier.

I’m thankful for still being alive, for having a family to take care of me, for my generally ok grades, and at least existing and having a lot of connections. Without those, I’d probably be reduced to nothing.

So yeah, I loved this year’s Thanksgiving feast. It was great. There was a lot of other food spread out too, but I wasn’t too interested in them. I was pretty stuffed after my 5th or 6th dish of ham, mashed potatoes, and corn. I actually didn’t even bother with dessert.

So I meandered around, as people ate and chit chat, and my uncle invited me to go with him, my brother-in-law, and my mom’s cousin, to see Quantum of Solace. We went to this awesome new theater called Silverado 19, and it’s pretty fancy schmancy. There was a gelato bar, a restaurant, a bar, an IMAX theater, and the theater food looked superb. I guess it’s one of those things you’d expect to find in a smaller theater. There was also a lot of white people, if that means anything (well my uncle pointed that out). The even had vertical widescreen TV’s to act as movie posters. Now that’s just classy. So the movie was nice. I couldn’t read the subtitles in Spanish though, because I forgot to bring my glasses. Darn it. But I could see the action scenes, and it was great!


Then we went back. My parents already left with my brothers, so I had to wait and be taken home with my uncle and aunt. It took a while, and I ate some leftovers.

I didn’t do much shopping on Black Friday. Well my dad took my bros and me to the mall. We didn’t buy anything though. Well I’m already broke, and my dad didn’t feel like buying. My brother’s been wanting World of Warcraft however, and there was a good deal at the mall, but the subscription was something my dad didn’t feel like paying for a year, so no buy. That’s about it so far.


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