Had a great 17th birthday!

Well I celebrated my birthday last week. On Thursday, I was telling people I had a party, but I didn’t really have one planned; I was just seeing who would go. Just darn my luck that an SAT exam was taking place that day. During school on Friday, people wished me a happy (early) birthday. I finally decided during 5th period to go simple, and just invite anyone to the movies. That way, people could pay for their own ticket (meaning less cost for me) and I can still have fun. So I picked Transporter 3. I saw Transporter 2 on FX, and that was a great movie (I love action and thrillers). So I was banking on Transporter 3 being very similar.


So I woke up Saturday morning, and I requested my mom to make me pancakes and eggs. She did, and she even gave me $20 to spend at the movies. Nice. My dad made bacon. Then I waited until 1:10, when the movie started. To my dismay, my dad left the house (mom worked that day), and wouldn’t answer my urgent calls to get home to take me. He finally did call back, but the car was getting fixed, and he wouldn’t be there on time. So I called my relatives, and no luck either. I thought I was doomed. My friends live farther away from me, but it was my last hope. So I called Eric, and no answer. I called Steven Espinoza, and luckily his mom managed to swing by my house after many minutes of directions via landmarks (which was not easy!). We got to the theater at 1:17 and I saw Eric Sonne and Raj Kankaria there. Well at least 3 people managed to come.

We paid for our tickets, and went inside. We skipped the snacks. Transporter 3 was awesome. A lot of great action sequences (some that seem to defy physics…), hot actors and actresses, an intriguing storyline, and a little bawdy humor. I loved it. Eric really liked it too. Then we went for some ice cream at a shop near AMC 24. Steven offered to pay for us, he ordered a Dutch Chocolate, and I ordered Mint. Eric and Raj weren’t interested. Then came the gifts! I really did NOT want gifts (people don’t know what I like, and any amount of money would be fine with me), but I accepted them graciously. Steven got me a $25 gift card to GameStop, Eric got me a 20 Questions toy, Choxie chocolate beans, and an awesome deck of cards (they were semitransparent!), and Raj forgot to even bring his.

So we sat outside on the patio, and chatted about the movies, intense fighting, and other stuff. We tried playing 20 Questions too, but I kept stumping it. Then it was time to go. I noticed I forgot to turn my phone back on, and when my dad called, he was pretty upset. I was going to ask him for a ride, but Eric offered me one while leaving. Well I said, “Ok”.

Eric has a pretty nice ride. It’s a green Mustang, and it cost around $13,000. I was amazed that Eric managed to pay 1/2 of that, with the money he earned from his jobs over the years. He would be able to get to his lifeguarding job, by walking or biking. Eric was a bit surprised when I told him to take a turn at this road, because he didn’t imagine it being this far. He even questioned if my parents drove me to school everyday, because he couldn’t imagine my area being zoned to Jersey Village High. I’m not exaggerating when I say I live far.

Eric was asking how to get back when I turned into my neighborhood. I suggested going towards Beltway 8 this way, but when I confirmed that US 290 was the opposite direction, he said he could figure it out from there. We just arrived at my house, as my father was getting out of the van. Sigh.

At home, I lamented the needs for me to have a car. My dad kept saying we just couldn’t afford one right now, and he want me to able to drive too. But wanting means nothing. My life is already damaged deeply. I’m just angry at the needs for having a car in the suburbs. You have to pretty wealthy to live in the suburbs these days, poor people (especially teens and children) will have a difficult life if they live in the suburbs. I WOULD work at a job, if there was one near me. Most of the businesses on Fairbanks road is mom and pop stores, and some seedy-looking chain stores. Oh, and a lot of industrial factories. I’m so lucky, aren’t I? Most of my friends live near Jersey Village or in Jersey Village, but it’s just my luck to live on the outskirts. If you don’t have a car, you’re not going to go places in life around here. I’m so angry at this. Location does effect how you live, and my life is a wreck because of it. I never grew up right, it’s hard to find money for myself, I can’t hang out with friends often, life just sucks.

Ok, enough complaining. I always complain about this every single day, but it was a pretty important issue on my birthday. So later, my cousin took me to the mall just to shop around and eat out. Well we just walked around, and we talked about me getting a seasonal job. So I went mostly into clothing stores, to get a seasonal job application. I got a few. She bought me some cookies, at American Cookie and an ICEE too. I felt bad about her spending me stuff for my birthday, when I never spend much for her birthday (because I don’t have a freaking job!). So I bought my own food at Chic-fil-a. Then we stopped by her friend’s, Stephanie’s, job. So we hanged out a bit, and then it was time to go home.

Overall, I had a pretty good birthday. At least I had some friends on my birthday. Well that’s about it.


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