Finals – Blah!

Ok, last week was finals week – One of the most easiest weeks of the school year. You just study up, and the classes we did take that week, were just reviewing and free time. A good number of people even skipped the classes in between, because it wasn’t necessary. I wish we could have finals week all the time. I think I learn and remember more during that week than any other week. I’m good at retaining some memory.

Of course there are rules this year like:

  • No more than 3 absences a year to get the exemptions
  • No bad marks or whatever to get exemptions
  • Freshmen – 1, Sophomores – 1, Juniors – 2, Seniors – 3 :  The number of exemptions given if you can
  • Classes will still go on during the week, though just a few different assortment of periods per day, between the finals
  • Technically, you’re not suppose to skip the classes in between OR leave after you finished your final, but most teachers let it slide; Nobody really cares

So Tuesday was 6th period final- SAT College Prep. The first final. It was a snap: Write a letter to your parents as if you were in college describing your first week and thanking them for getting you there. Then write another paper describing how you thought the class was the whole year: What you liked/disliked, and how the curriculum was in your opinion. EASY! A lot of people finished before me, fast. Then they just left off to go to their cars, or to a teacher’s classroom they wanted to go to. I didn’t have a ride, so I was pondering what to do, and my friend Vanessa invited me to go to Post to help her grade papers for TAFE. We walked along with this girl named Pam, until her ride pulled up. I helped her sort out papers, and then we went on the bus. Got a 100.

Wednesday: 1st period and 7th period final

Physics is my first period, and even though I exempted it, I just took it to see if I could accomplish an A. It wasn’t too bad, as it’s been questions we were asked before on other tests. We even got to use the review. But I didn’t finish enough, because of my long restroom break, and I decided not to bother turning it in. Classes came. Pre-Calculus was my 7th period, and it was REALLY easy. Like the easiest test we’ve probably taken all year. I was happy I got a 90, but my SA turned out to be an 89. So close! I asked my teacher about it, but if I just gotten one more question right on the final, he really could have. Sigh. I took a walk home that day, and applied for a job at Quiznos.

Thursday: 2nd period and 3rd period final

Dual-Credit US History is my 2nd period. This was probably going to be as difficult as it gets. There were 160 questions on this test, and probably half of them were matching events in US History to which president’s administration. Like ‘The Midnight Judges’ goes with Thomas Jefferson. So on and so on. There was also a section on if these events were colonial or post-Colonial (after 1776). That was easy. The rest of the test was questions we’ve had on other chapter tests, and some vocab. I got a 91 on it. Not too bad. Most people in the class do crud on the chapter tests. During BCIS, I looked up my grades on the PIV (Parent Internet Viewer) and wanted to see what I’d need to get an A for the SA in English, my 3rd period. Even if I got a 100 (very unlikely – English is my worst subject), it would only make my 86 for the SA and 88. So I asked people during lunch time if I should bother, and most said no. Your GPA is just based on a letter grade, and an 88 wouldn’t mean anything more than an 86. So I just didn’t bother trying. Mrs. Reinhardt said it wasn’t too bad, but there’s no point anyway. I got a ride home.

Friday: 4th period and 5th period final

No classes in between today. Just takes the finals and go. BCIS final was another online test, and when you were done, you submitted it. Pretty easy. 120 Questions though. I got a 96. Quite surprised – I usually get a pretty bad grade on those. But I actually did the review this time, and most questions were really easy. There was a Tech Theater final after that. She already told us what the assignment was 2 days ago (though she didn’t say it was the final, or something else because she’s not technically suppose to tell us what the final was). I fell asleep in a big slumber the night before, so I didn’t work on it. Most people in the class walked in, turned it in, and vamoosed. I stayed to finish the paper, a few other guys. At first, she said we could work on the theater set for the upcoming play as a way of doing the final, then she said we couldn’t the last few days, but on final day, she said it was ok. As long as you actually work for the whole 2 hours, she would accept it. I decided just to finish the paper and go. Got a 100 on it.

I was invited to this special thing where my cousin (I think he’s my cousin) was suppose to bring some fancy trays of food and formally ask his girlfriend’s parents if they can be bestowed or whatever, and if he’d told me earlier, I’d have helped out. But I was tired after a week of finals, and just wanted to stay home and eat some Church’s Chicken. I really love the honey biscuits at Church’s Chicken btw.

So yeah, that was about it. For my semester averages:

  • Physics – B; 89
  • Dual-Credit US History – A; 90
  • English III – B; 86
  • BCIS – A; 92
  • Tech Theater – A; 96
  • SAT College Prep – A; 100
  • Pre-Cal – B; 89

Still bummed I got so close to an A in Physics and Pre-Cal, but I’ll really try harder for spring semester. I heard some elite colleges only look at your grades for your Junior year, and NOT your senior year. Argh.


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