Working at Quiznos

It’s been awhile, but I’ve been working at Quiznos. It’s been exhausting, but at least I’m making some much-needed money. I started training on around January 10th, and did training for 3 days, 3 hours a day. They felt I did a great job, so Kelly, the manager I see often, hired me. I started getting paid on January 30th.


Making sub sandwiches isn’t as easy as you think. You have to listen to the customer’s order carefully, so you don’t bother him or her by asking to many questions. You have to remember the types of sandwiches really well, or you can take a glance at a cheat sheet on the wall, or the menu in front of you. Often times, customers are picky about what they want/don’t want on their sandwich. The three questions I’m suppose to ask are:

  1. For here or to go? (determines if it goes on a silver or black toaster tray)
  2. White or wheat? (if not already mentioned)
  3. What size? (if not already mentioned)

When you’re done creating the core part of the sandwich, you send it through this toaster, which acts as a conveyor belt and toasts the sandwich to make it really warm and melt the cheese a bit.

Then you add lettuce, or whatever onto it. Then you wrap it. There’s a certain way of wrapping too. The employees want me to package it securely, leaving almost no gaps so that the sandwich doesn’t tumble out too much. The cash register is ok, and I’m getting the hang of it.

All the cleaning stuff, making to-go bags, washing equipment, is really easy-peasy. I can handle that, but I don’t like making sandwiches. Too demanding! So I get paid about $6.55 an hour. I guess that’s not too bad.

My manager also allows us to have a free sandwich and fountain drink, as a complimentary part of a workday.

However, work can be so time consuming. Commute to work can be hard – if it weren’t for a good friend who often drops me off on the way home after school – but waiting for my mom to pick me up can be quite a hassle. Also, on weekdays, doing a shift 4PM in the afternoon, all the way till 9PM on the night, doesn’t leave a lot of room for free time. I’m usually exhausted after a day’s work, and homework starts piling up. Sigh. I just really need the money, and don’t want to ask my parents for the moolah. If I can get my own money, I can start having a real relationship with a girl. Being broke, and depending on your parents to provide money and transportation for a date just doesn’t feel right. In every book or movie/tv show, the guy is always able to provide for himself and his girlfriend. So should I.

I was late Sunday, because I thought I came in at 4 just like I did on the weekdays. Boy was I wrong. She put me on the schedule for 10-6. Sigh. I came in at 4, and my coworkers were saying, “Hey, you were suppose to be here at 10…”. Poor Victor got called in, but at least he was being paid. I still felt bad I let Kelly and Victor down like that. I decided to help them close shop, and we closed at 5, since it was the Super Bowl (good thing I wasn’t missing that!). I’m being more careful of what days AND times I’m working now.

Hopefully as I get more into my job, it will be less stressful and become more of a routine. Having my own money would be great though, and I hope my grades don’t suffer. That’s what working at Quiznos is like so far.

It seems that everyone knows I work there now.


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