Saw Mr. Falcon 2009 – Was a fantastic show

Last Saturday, I went to the Mr. Falcon show at Cypress Ridge High School (the auditorium at school is kinda in disarray with all the construction and moving around and stuff). It’s basically sort of like a beauty pageant, but for 25 lucky senior guys at JVHS. Among them were (by contestant/sponsor/escort :

  1. Ben Martinez – Freshman Friends – Sarah Amason
  2. Patrick Scott – Girls’ Soccer Athletic – Rachel Motl
  3. Tyler Bench – Athletic Booster Club – Haley Howell
  4. Kyle Calbat – Freshman Friends – Katelyn McCreary
  5. Jeremy Friedrichs – Athletic Booster Club – Mandy Esparza
  6. Joseph Flores – Falcon Forensics – Eugenie Yang
  7. Victor Lopez – JVTV – Christie Skipworth
  8. Jesse Pyle – JV Players – Brittany Gergen
  9. Trey Woodruff – Gold Dusters – Cynthia Le
  10. John Wilkes – Athletic Booster Club – Bethany Evans
  11. Robert Ottmann – Cheerleaders – Megan Hodges
  12. Justin Cantanese – Girls’ Soccer – Mallory Mayes
  13. Brett Childress – Senior Ladies – Kristin Anderson
  14. Tyree Chism – Athletic Booster Club – Blake Herbert
  15. Barrett Cliett – JV Volleyball – Taylor Coen
  16. Michael Connor – Senior Ladies – Shelby Buchanan
  17. Trey Briggs – Athletic Booster Club – Ryan Smith
  18. Cody Parkinson – Cheerleaders – Kelsey Luciano
  19. Lee Barker – JV Players – Kristen Troxler
  20. Tyler Cox – Varsity Girls Volleyball – Courtney Stone
  21. Hunter Gregg – PALS – Becca Rogers
  22. Billy Schoelman – Varsity Swim – Lauren Shadle
  23. Evan Klinge – Gold Dusters – Suzi Waak

The lady from Channel 2 (KPRC), Mariza Reyes, was the hostess of the show. I think she did a pretty good job of entertaining the audience, and even delved a bit into her past to spice things up. Of course, she couldn’t help but mention, “Oh, and did I tell you I’m on Channel 2?” Jokingly of course. Someone in the audience (can’t recall who) asked, “Hey, will you marry me?” She would reply, “Young man, do you want me to go to jail tonight?” Laughter.

The judges had interesting backgrounds also. Mandy Geserick, of Ms. Texas American Dream 2009, was judging. Two football guys from University of Texas, Steve Moore (was even in Mr. Falcon 2006!) and Britt Mitchell. The other judge was Cody Hendrix, a current senior at JV (I wonder how he got chosen…). UPDATE: Kristen was nice enough to read this blog post, and tell me that he recently had cancer or something, and can’t go to our school anymore. So I think it was a nice thing they did, letting him be a judge.

So the talent portion was pretty sweet. There were a lot of dance routines, but my favorites had to be the Matrix Ping Pong and the Beyonce skit. The Matrix Ping Pong was pretty neat – Kyle Calbat and Robert Ottmann were two figures playing in the dark, illuminated by glowing stuff, and they played ridiculously fast. Well cameras started flashing from the audience, and it became quite obvious there was a third person wearing black clothes helping move the ping pong and whatnot. It was amazing how fast they changed angels, including sideways, and how very versatile they got around. I thought it was pretty neat, and hadn’t seen this before.

The Beyonce skit was nice too. I’m not sure who was in it, but I think Cody Parkinson and Trey Briggs were in this one. I don’t recall seeing Trey (I sat far back), but I guess those were the only two that could have done it. So there’s some movie director shooting a music video with Beyonce, and she want two sexy slim female back-up dancers. Well Trey and Cody come up, wearing some really tight black clothes (you could see their thick abs and legs sticking out) and they were wearing high heels! It was hilarious. As they’re dancing to the beat, Beyonce keeps interrupting, saying she’s not sure she can do it with these two. In the end, she gives in and they do a quick dance. Hehe.

Then there was the swimsuit portion. It was ok. The guys’ escorts were all wearing beach/summer clothes, and as the guys walked upstage, the escorts greeted them and they walked to the front and waited along the sides for everyone to finish. Then came intermission. I scurried around, looking for a ride home. The same usual replies: “Can’t, have a ride with someone else” or “No room in my car” or “Going somewhere else after” and whatnot. Sigh. I mingled around I guess, but as usual, I wasn’t happy on the inside.

There was a silent auction going on, a raffle, and last chance to vote for Best of “Eyes”/Best of “Smiles”/Best of “Pockets”. I forgot who won those.

Then there was a formal wear portion. Classy looking suits (by Al’s Formal Wear?) and then Haylee Hoelscher, from Houston Christian High School, sang some song with words like ‘big money’ or something where she looked like a prima donna (which she isn’t, as far as I know) and it had a 1930s-like vibe and she’d come up to each guy and ‘sass’ them, and they’d respond very shy, or drop to the ground, sweat, or something of that effect. It was also humorous. Probably planned. In the end of the act, all the guys whipped out some pretend money and showered it all over her. Pretty cool. UPDATE: Kristen, again, was nice enough to tell me that it WASN’T PLANNED. It all happened with improv. Neat! Wink

Then came the Contestant & Escort Choice Awards. I think my friend Kristen got some prize.

After that was the 50/50 Raffle Winner, and then Best Eyes, Best Smile, and Best Pockets Awards.

Then it came down to the five finalists. They were asked questions.

First was Tyree Chism. When asked what would he do if a freshman asked for help or directions to his class on the first day of school, someone in the audience yelled “TRANSFER!” and that brought the whole auditorium into laughs. I even saw Tyree, and other guys (including the audience) slapping their knees and laughing so hard. I’m not sure what he answered with, but it got him 4th runner up.

2nd person, I think, was Justin Catanese. He was asked if he could go anywhere in the world, where would he go. He first responded with “a beach”. He described why he would like a beach, but when pressed for a more exact location, he finally ended up with “California”.

3rd was Tyler Cox. He was asked who would he meet if he could meet anyone he wanted. He said he would make his grandfather, who died and he never met (I think) and went to Texas A&M and played football there, and he seemed to be a cool guy, and I think it brought quite a tear-jerker around the audience, and you could hear the females with their sympathy.

Then there was Brett Childress. I don’t remember the question, but the audience roared with laughter when he cracked his voice. Mariza is like saying it’s all right, “Guys do that all the time around me” 🙂

5th was Trey Briggs. I don’t remember his question or answer.

So Tyler Cox was the ultimate winner (forgot the runner-ups), and then people started leaving. I’m happy for T-Cox that he won. I had him in SAT College Prep last semester, and he was always a goofball, and I found that he was kinda funny. He’s nice, like a bunch of other guys, and I think he wanted to go to LSU, but he mentioned a different college, up North that I can’t recall. He has B lunch like I do, but I don’t see him often.

Oh, and the Texas Aggie Wranglers came to perform. They said they’ve been to lots of places around the world, and they can often do it for free, if they can. Their performance was pretty epic. It was like country dancing, but with really bold moves. The guys can really swing those girls! I’ve seen them go under their partners, tossed around the partner, in the air, and all over the place. They did a pretty slick job, and it’s incredible how they have such flexibility.

Right after the show, I instantly started searching for rides. I was desperate! My parents went off to a wedding, I don’t have my own ride, home is 9 miles away in the dark, and my aunt was babysitting 5 children! I got tired of being rejected. It always usually happens like this. Argh. I hate depending on people for transportation. I’d love it, if we could live with a car-less society, but it ain’t happening anytime soon. So I finally resorted to calling my aunt. I bought a booklet of the event for $1. I went in the backstage area, and I could see volunteers, escorts, and contestants milling about, but I guess I must have missed Tyler leaving. I helped Jasper Gates move one of the contestant’s drum set out.

As I was waiting on sidewalk near the stage area, and seeing cars emptying the parking lot before my eyes, a kind woman asked if I needed a ride, but I said it was all right. So she left, and someone who I presumed was her husband, asked if I could use a ride, and when I declined, he said he’d wait until my ride came, because he really didn’t want to leave me alone. There really are good people in this world.

So we chatted a bit, and I found out his wife was like a co-chair person or something, and that his daughter, Courtney Stone was a contestant. I didn’t find out until later, she was Tyler’s escort, and I missed a good opportunity to shoot some questions. So we chatted and chatted. He smoked a cigarette, and I usually really dislike that, but considering his gracious waiting, I just sat. He had some yellow Volkswagen beetle with lumber and stuff sticking out the trunk.

Finally my aunt came, after I barked some more directions, and I thanked him for standing by, and went home. Car was packed, and we lucky to get home fast.

I really enjoyed Mr. Falcon, but as usual, going to any school functions always brings me sadness. I often wish I was capable of doing the fantastic stuff that people display to the audience, but I grew up the wrong way, and I’m practically cruddy at doing almost ANYTHING right. I guess a bit of jealousy is in there, but it’s my fault. I just don’t have confidence in myself, and I feel like I’m always falling apart. Same old story. When people are nice to me, I often think it has to do with politeness rather than actual geniality. I just don’t have the components that make a great guy. I just feel inferior in comparison to great people I meet everyday, and I just don’t think I have a promising future.

Well that’s about it. Just been more and more work at Quiznos lately. I got my first paycheck, and after taxes, I got around $123. Not bad! Considering it’s 19 hours. But work often leaves me exhausted. I’ll get through this ordeal somehow.


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