Biking around, saw 2 movies at the new Studio Movie Grill @ CityCentre and took a ‘sick’ day

So I’m going to try to make this post as fast as possible:

Since my last post, I’ve been biking around during spring break. The Tuesday or Wednesday before bring, I took a very long and exhausting bike ride to the KFC near Walmart.

Map picture

According to the drawing tool on Live Search Maps, it took roughly 4.55 miles. So that’s 9.10 miles for the roundtrip. It wasn’t easy either, trying to dodge around the fierce traffic on Fairbanks. I chose to go to KFC because I heard about the KFC snacker boxes, and they seemed pretty good. According to the TV ad, it claimed it was 99 cents, and I really wanted the one with the popcorn chicken and potato wedges. Unfortunately, when I went there, it turned out it was actually $1.99, but you could get a regular drink combo with it for just $2.99 so I bought that. It was good of course, but I don’t know why the ad said 99 cents. I’m going to investigate this the next time I go.

I also biked to Willowbrook Mall on Monday during spring break. Now THAT was a VERY long ride. I didn’t plan on going to the mall, but I ended up trying to see if I could make it. Previously, I had attempted to walk the route, but I got halfway there and was absolutely too exhausted. It’s is a very arduous route. I had to stop at a Shall/Jack-in-the-Box gas station and wait for my mom to pick me up on the way home.

Luckily, I made it! It took 7.47 miles (I took minutes tracing my route with the Live Search Maps tools) and again, this isn’t something that probably most Houstonians could accomplish. I went to the mall, hid my bike in some bushes (no bike racks, plus I don’t have a bike lock) and I went inside, and it was a pretty slow day. I ate some Chic-fil-A, and then started back home at around 6PM. I stopped by Denny’s on the way there, and it was all right. Not sure if IHOP is better or not, because they seem pretty much the same. I had a French Toast plate with a side of hashbrown for about 7 dollars and something. The server had mistakenly thought I wanted to order to go, when I wanted to stay in, so I had an extra 10 minute wait time, but I didn’t really care, even though I was worried about the sun going down. He was really nice, and made it up to me by giving me a free drink of my choice, and I chose a lemonade. Very refreshing after an arduous ride.

I then left, and it got dark faster and faster. By then, I was getting worried. I’ve discovered that in surburban Harris County, there are often LONG stretches of roads with no street light or traffic lights. These are stretches where cars LOVE to go fast. So it’s really frightening as you’re biking and you see a cars headlights coming up or hear the sound of one, and you have to make yourself conspicuous to make sure you don’t get killed. As I went along the race track, I was very fortunate that there weren’t many cars going down, but it was almost pitch dark. Going along Fairbanks was even worse, and I had to resort to walking with my bike in the median as cars raced down the roads. Ugh. I was also pretty darn angry when I reach the corner of the Valero station, and the corner was just messed up! A thick wire coil stuck out from the ground for like 2-3 feet, and I almost got really hurt. There were also chunks of concrete around, like there was an explosion or something. How are people suppose to walk and stuff if you’ve got dangerous stuff like this around? I made it home, and that was it.

I went to the Rodeo on the last Saturday before the break ended. I went with my cousin Minh and his girlfriend Nancy. We walked around, ate, I went on a few rides (they didn’t feel like going on rides), and then we left to go see “Knowing” at 4:25. Unfortunately, due to the traffic, we got there a bit late, and ended up getting tickets for the 7:25 showing instead. So we drove over to Memorial Mall, hung out, they let me stay there while they went off to a Korean restaurant off site. I like this mall better than Willowbrook. It’s much bigger, there’s a section where the storefronts look like Main Street USA, and the food court is also larger, and there’s beautiful artwork displaying iconic Texas stuff we know, and maps printed on the tables, etc. Awesome. There’s also a merry-go-round and an ice skating rink there (NHL regulation size too!). There’s also a lot of domes throughout the mall, and they’re all unique and it’s just cool. There was also this classic clock stand in the center under a dome, and it just looked so awesome, I really wanted to photograph it. Great place to shop.

So they picked me up, we went back to SMG, and the entrance at the stairwell was PACKED as people wanted to get in. Luckily, we squeezed through and got in because we bought our tickets earlier. The movie room was a bit smaller than a usual standard theater, but it was fine. I ordered the Grilled Cheese (5.99) that came with one grilled cheese sandwich with fries, and a Pepsi. When I ate, it tasted SO good, in my opinion. It was like toasted to the right degree that it was crisp and buttery on the outside, but warm and cheesy on the inside. The fries had a good seasoning and tasted great too. Mmm. They should open up a cafe. Knowing was all right. I thought since Nicholas Cage was in it, it would be more action/suspense type of film. Also, since it involved a code, I was expecting something similar to National Treasure (which I liked!). The beginning was great, the middle seemed slightly weird but still good, but the end was just too weird for me. It’s not too bad of a movie, but I just don’t like the ending, period.

The next weekend, on during Sunday, I went to Studio Movie Grill again, only this time with actual friends. I got free movie passes from my cousin Huong, and everyone thought it was a good deal. So we got there (after getting my dad to hurry up and take me, after moving stuff from mom’s shop for the biannual floor waxing), and we just made it in the nick of time. So who went? Well Brianna, Tyler, Kayla, Chris, and this girl whose name I never catch went and we had a blast. We saw Monsters vs. Aliens. It was all right, but I’m not into animated films done in this style.

So after the movies, we wanted to hang out around the new development, but my dad already arrived so Kayla went on without us.

The other Friday, I took a “sick” day from school, because I had so much work to be done, 3 tests, that I just didn’t feel like going to school. NOT something I enjoy, but it had to be done. Of course, I do have to make it up later, which I did. That’s about it so far.


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