For Mother’s Day, I…

I really wanted to get my mom a new coaster. Since I don’t have a car, I left it to my dad and my bros to find a good one at Target (I had work Saturday afternoon), but they couldn’t find one. My sister has some nice metallic ones at her house, and I wanted something similar to that. My mom loves to watch her soap operas at night, and she often takes a cup of warm water to the coffeetable, and lays it on some of my newspapers (even when I haven’t checked it out yet!), so I thought a coaster would be a good idea.

On Sunday, my dad and I went to Costco and looked around for a gift. I really thought a cheesecake would be a great idea, after tasting a sample at Sam’s Club (well I wanted some too) but my dad bought roses instead. Roses are ok for a girl, I guess, but roses die at some point, and they’re just something pretty to look at. I’d rather buy a long-lasting gift that’s useful.

So we went home, and there was this Eureka marathon, and I missed some of the episodes, and my dad wanted us to clean the house a bit. I really wanted to (sometimes I do it when I’m not busy), but by the time the last show ended, he already vacuumed and cleared the dining and living room. Sigh. I really wish I could be of more use, but it’s not everyday a good TV show marathon comes up.

My sister stopped by, and she brought in some of her latest cooking creations, a tray of sliced apple tart with some type of jam on it. We’d save it for later after eating out somewhere.

Just right about after my sister stopped in, mom came home. We discussed where we should go (mom ate something earlier that day) and finally we went to a Chinese restaurant. I DISLIKE Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants of any type pretty much. Why?

  1. A lot of seafood on the menu – Seafood tastes awful in my opinion; lots of sodium, eyes staring at you, stuff that was alive (or still alive) only half an hour ago are on your plate, and it’s just yucky to me. I’ll only go as far as fish sticks.
  2. Chopsticks – I’m no good with these. They aren’t as versatile as just having 3 separate utensils, or even a spork. I could always get a fork though.
  3. Asian people – I already see enough Asian people in my subdivision, I don’t want to see more
  4. ‘Dirtiness’ – Asian establishments are notorious for bad sanitary conditions. I guess it comes from a lot of these kitchen people and owners living in Asian countries where cleanliness wasn’t much of a concern for people. I remember going to this other Chinese/Vietnamese style restaurant, and there was a small roach in the ice, and my coke glass was disgustingly dirty.
  5. Lack of eco-friendliness – Asians, specifically the older types, aren’t really eco-conscious. Since the food is shared, there are always bits left on all the main dishes, and I have feeling that instead of being composted, they go into the garbage. Smoking is generally tolerated (outside) and it stinks as you go up to the door of the place. I can point out a lot of other stuff too, but it’s too much.
  6. Used to most of that stuff at home and in childhood – I don’t understand why my family loves to go to these type of restaurants, when they can already make it at home (most of the times even better than what we’re served). I got really tired of this type of food, and now I avoid it when I can.

So anytime I’m at one, I’m not happy.  So this different restaurant didn’t surprise me. We had to wait a long time (well, I can’t be too harsh since it was on Mom’s Day) but it took like 8 minutes to come back with the drinks we ordered. And they charge for refills too.

There was also these two annoying Asian kids running about, and stomping on the platform that our table (and a different table) rose up upon. My sister told them two times during our visit that she wants to speak with their parents, and they’d buzz off. Can their parents not teach them some manners (they knew their kids were bugging us, as my sister said). My two younger bros don’t act like that at all.

Food came, we ate. I just ate rice and some tenderized beef. It wasn’t too bad, but I’d rather have something else tasty. Then we went home. Boring!

So we got home, I changed and we gave mom her gifts. My sister bought her a fancy teapot (claimed that I chose it) and two small jars of orange jam that was part of the pot of jam she worked on at 4 in the morning. There may have been something else, but that was about it.


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