Just one final left and school’s out!

Last week was a rush of schedules, quick classes, tests, and last minute stuff before the end of the school year. Some people skipped the last few days, and it’s been chaotic. I had my schedule changed a lot for next year, and here are the courses:

  • English IV K
  • Government K
  • Economics K
  • Calculus AB K
  • Environmental Science AP
  • Street Law
  • Psychology AP
  • Food Science
  • Beginners Food Science
  • Early Release

Not exactly the schedule I wanted, but it will do. So yeah, it’s been hectic. I have to take a U.S. History Dual-Credit final, because this test also counts for my grades at Lone Star College whether I exempt or not, and I decided not to exempt this from my high school because I have an 89 average, and if I study super hard, I can achieve an A on my GPA. I got a 91 on my final last year in this class. So maybe, just maybe it won’t be bad.

Yesterday, I worked at Quiznos I saw two people who I kinda know: Taylor Bean and this girl from my Interact club group. I saw the girl first, and I don’t know her name, but she used to be in my Interact club; she was even wearing that shirt as she pointed out she was in the club. Her mom was with her, and saying how cool it is that we help out, and I felt myself kinda blushing. They were really nice, and they both didn’t want red onions on their sandwiches. Taylor came in later, and I know him because we’ve been through elementary and middle school together, and he’s in my 6th period Tech Theater class. He’s usually tardy or skipping, and he’s rough sort of guy and likes to work out, and has some pretty pumped biceps even though he’s normal size. So yeah, I saw his dad and him there. On Saturday, I saw two old neighbors: One was Mr. Tisher (Kelcie’s dad) and another guy named Jesse. I saw Jesse first, and I hardly recognized him. It’s been so long. He used to be really mean when I was a kid, and sometimes he’d throw my stuff up in a tree with one of his buds at the bus stop. He likes to ride dirt bikes and he graduated the same year as my cousin Huong. Anyway, he either didn’t recognize me or said nothing about me. Then later that day, I saw Mr. Tisher, his daughter Lindsey and a friend of hers. They all had footlongs.

So yeah, from time to time, I’ll catch someone I know. I also met this interesting fellow named Matt Norman (or something like that) and he mentioned some stuff that got my attention. He was saying he wanted to be in the military and stuff, and like he had a 4.0 GPA and got a perfect on some military test, that the recruiters were trying to find him to get him to enlist. He wants to be in the Navy if I recall. He also said he used to work at a Quiznos before, and that some of the stuff we do isn’t protocol. Like he should be able to see through the tea containers, there should be labels on a bunch of stuff, some stuff needs to be raised 6” off the ground, and other stuff. He stayed there real long, more than an hour as we chat. Later, Hilario and Ryan (who I earlier found out to be Kirk Trygstad’s brother!) dissed him, saying that some of the stuff he said wasn’t true and whatever. Oh well. But he definitely was interesting to talk to.

So today, I’m hoping to go to IHOP with Chloe Halley so we can study for our final exam. I also need a new digital camera. As soon as I can get one, I can take some memories of the seniors I met, graduation ceremony, and other stuff going on this summer. My mom wants to drive me and my bros to Iowa so we can check out the town she grew up in (Ames), but my dad doesn’t want my mom driving alone. Sigh. Well I hope things can get better.


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