Studying with Chloe and regretting not exempting the Dual-Credit History final and attending the Senior Breakfast for a bit

So on Monday, June 1, 2009, I did a study session with Chloe Halley in the afternoon. She picked me up, we went back to her apartment to fetch her laptop and history book, and we stopped by Sonic to get some iced slush (I got watermelon) and she even paid for mine, because it was happy hour and everything was half off. I didn’t argue with that. Tongue out

So we went to the Harris County Public Library at the Fairbanks Branch. Chloe had her library card form filled out, the one she got when we went to Lone Star College branch to do some research for are Sociology religion project on Vodun, and she wanted to get her card. Well she came back upset, because her mom needs to be present there, and she was going on how she’s practically an adult and fully responsible. Well anyway, she didn’t like the woman who turned her down, and didn’t want to be within eyesight of her. But eventually, we had to move over to the study tables, so we could plug Chloe’s laptop to get some juice. We eventually found the HCPL network, and used Chloe’s e-mail as our identification. So we took the online tests from the textbook site, and we did Chapter 19 using the book pretty much. Then we went on to 20, but it got so boring and tedious that Chloe started going on her Facebook and well I just checked out some books that I could find relating to U.S. History, and requested Murder on the Orient Express for my summer reading. We checked the books, and vamoosed to my house to study there.

We had to take an alternative route, when we found out the Fairbanks N. Houston road was extremely congested (we noted this earlier when we left my neighborhood) because of some of the traffic lights not working. This is exactly why an infrastructure based on automobiles is stupid. Anyway, I showed her an alternative way that might be speedier and it worked. We got to my house, got on my computer, and Chloe looked around and chatted with my bros. As much as I complain about this subdivision, Chloe actually wants to move over here. She thinks the houses are pretty nice, and that’s really all that matters to her. So anyway, she thinks my littlest bro, Andrew, is very cute. A lot of people have that impression. So as we’re studying, Andrew and Chloe like to talk and play around, and it got in the way of studying.

So finally, we went to downstairs to get something to eat. I pulled out a bag of Anytizers chicken balls, and we munched on them while we studied on the all the amendments and presidents after Reconstruction. We asked Alan to quiz us, and I tallied who got more right. I remember getting more correct Wink.

Well I took the the test the next day, and it was somewhat hard. I should have studied less about amendments and presidents, and more on the actual events. I ended up getting an 88 on it. My semester average before was a 89 average, and after the final, it was still an 89 average! I should have just exempted it for high school!

So after taking that test, I just stopped by the Senior Breakfast to chat up with the seniors just one more time before they graduate. I’m really going to miss some of the seniors I know. I’ll probably rarely ever see them again. I saw Jason there, and the other Jason, and Eric, and Raj, and Katherine, Sara, Andy, Ty, etc.

I even snuck in the auditorium while they were briefing over how the ceremony would work. Sigh. Memories.Thinking Well that’s about it.


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