Went to JVHS Graduation Ceremony 2009

So after getting hastily dressed, I ran to Brianna Donahue’s house, and after getting her make-up on, Brianna, her mom, and her godmother B.J. and I got into her Toyota Corolla (or something Toyota) and we tried to get there as fast as we could when we left at around 5 PM. We tried to use the car’s built-in GPS but it couldn’t find the place. I only just knew one way to get there, and it would probably be the most congested. We ended up trying to go on a shortcut to get there.


That’s the approximate route. So to go just about 14.62 miles, it took about 45 minutes. Yikes. We were suppose to get there by 5:30 but the traffic was horrendous. This is exactly why I think cars can be a stupid mode of transportation. It’s completely ridiculous.

So we got there, I got into the building and told the guy at the front to let me in early because I was passing out programs for the National Honor Society. So he pointed me upstairs and I met up with some of my classmates. Lindsey Safi, Stephanie Quintana, Yahya Khan, Austin Alsguth, and Dylan Cole (I think). So we just passed out programs to people who walked in. We had to dress nice for the occasion, and I was freaking out a bit, because I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to wear a tie or not. All the other guys were, and so did Jacob Triska, Bryan and Alvin Cheng, and Chris Charles who came in a bit later. Hope Adams and Jackie Bontke also came in a bit later too. So we passed out the purple programs, and sometimes it’s a bit difficult if a whole pack comes in at once, and the people in the middle of the stream you have to reach over to pass out a program, which may obstruct other people from moving forwards.

So yeah, around 7:10 we had no more programs so we called it quits. I tried finding a good entrance, but I settled on the one closest to the left side of the stage, the side the graduates went off the stage. So I sat there through the Magna Cum Lade, Summa Cum Lade, and then the Cum Lade. I saw several of my friends going on the stage, and somewhere in the Ms of the rest of the senior class, someone blew a bullhorn or something. Mrs. Dubose did the first ones, then Mr. Higgins, then some lady and Mr. Bay. The last person on the list, got a large round of applause. Must be cool to be that person!

So after that, I left the building and tried to scout out as many of my friends as I could to take at least one more picture before that’s pretty much the end of it. I only managed to get a few, before Brianna was texting me that we were leaving. I remember managing to get one of Conley Norris, Katherine Humpheys, Sara Radtke, and I wanted to get one of Jason Gamble but he was too busy looking for his family. It took FOREVER to get out of the parking lot. Like maybe 30 minutes at least. We’d come to a standstill a lot, and Rebecca’s dad (who left early) was wondering how much longer it could take for us to reach Joe’s Crab Shack.

Finally, we vamoosed, and when we reached the intersection of Barker Cypress Rd. and West Rd. was a swarm of activity with officers trying to coordinate traffic. There were even light markers on the road to direct traffic with and lights and stuff. Man it was crowded. After Briana reported that her dad said that Joe’s Crab Shack was closing in 15 minutes, and we hardly got out of the exit of the Berry Center, we called back to go to the 59 Diner on I-10 instead. So we got there, and I’ve always wanted to go to to the 59 Diner (at Willowbrook). The interior is pretty neat, some interesting vintage stuff, some photographs, neon signs, and a cozy diner feeling. I order the Texas Sampler with French toast instead of pancakes and a vanilla milkshake. We got our drinks first, and Brianna bragged about how the shake were so good, and they were! There was even extra that came in a metal cup. However, as we were waiting for our food orders, I drank some more, and I got kinda nauseous. I guess the shakes are so good, they can fill you up pretty fast.

The food arrived, and I thought it was ok, but I didn’t like the sausage that was on my plate. It was the very dark and thick kind, and I think those taste AWFUL. I ate them anyway, but gosh, I thought it would be the more lean and thin type. The 3 bacon strips were nice and long, the French toast was all right, as well as the eggs and hashbrown. I wasn’t really too satisfied though. The service was pretty friendly though, the waitress and a guy stopped by at our table a few times to check up if we needed anything, but that’s about it. I went home, promised Brianna I would go to her party, and that’s about it.

I’m planning on going to Trey Woodruff’s party, Brianna Donahue’s, Kayla Anderson’s, and David’s.


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