What I’ve done in June: 3 movies, a new digital camera, HB Japanese Steakhouse, more work, and boredom

So there’s been some activity going on in June. I’ve seen three movies so far: The Taking of Pelham 123, Terminator Salvation, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

 image image image

I really liked Pelham 123. I love that type of movie where a disaster/calamity happens and you see a different personality arise from characters. I also wanted to see how the bad guys would take advantage of the system. I also really liked the MTA control room they showed in the movie; it looks so awesome even if it’s not real. It’s a pretty good movie, though it’s geographically incorrect in many areas.

I also really liked Terminator Salvation. I thought it was pretty good, and some of those characters were hot. It’s also interesting how bleak and desolate the word has become. I was pretty impressed with how they did all those effects. I thought the humanity aspect was great. The ending was pretty nice too. I just love to see those nasty machines die. The part where Marcus talks to the creepy video screen where the creepy woman was talking was also interesting too. I thought it was weird still seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger naked again in this movie (was that really him?) and it made me laugh.

I didn’t Transformers 2 at all. It’s not my kind of movie in the first place, and cars that become robots? Dumb. I mean the effects were nice, but I just don’t like the plot. Also that creepy girl that was way into Sam seemed way too suspicious from the start. It was good, but not that great. I didn’t see the first movie either, but my coworker Jessica Krejci at Quiznos said she would let me borrow it. I only saw this movie because Chloe Halley and her chums wanted to see it.

I got a brand new camera! It’s a Sony W290. It has 12.1MP, 5.0X optical zoom, 3.0” LCD, it can take 720p HD videos in MPEG4 format, among other neat things. I got the silver-colored one. I might have gotten a Sony T90 instead that was even more expensive and had a touchscreen and even more compact, but the one feature that I didn’t think was so great, was it’s optical zoom. The T90 had 4.0X while the W290 had 5.0X. The camera costs $229 at Best Buy.

Unfortunately, we also had to buy a dumb Memory Stick Pro Duo, because Sony doesn’t use SD cards. I don’t know if it’s actually better, but it works. I also bought a case where I can hook it to my belt and that’s about it. I’ve taken some photos, but I haven’t uploaded anything yet. I might later.

For Father’s Day, which we did just last Sunday (because my sister had a wedding to go to, so we couldn’t eat out), we went to a place called HB Japanese Steakhouse on FM 1960. I don’t like Asian cuisine much, but Japanese steakhouses are generally ok. The interior was actually pretty, and there was even a crystal chandelier in the entrance (though I don’t know if the crystals were real). It looked like a nice sophisticated Japanese design, and we were seated around a grill. We had Onion soup (pretty good), a salad (yuck), fried rice (which could have been less oily) and then the main course. The main course had grilled shrimp (which I didn’t like), grilled vegetable of some sort (which I didn’t like), and then our steaks with mushrooms. The steak tasted great, and I even ate some of the mushrooms with it. Then dessert came with only three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Boring! I took vanilla, though now I wish I got strawberry. Pretty good place if you like Japanese stuff. It wasn’t busy that Sunday night.

I’m still working at Quiznos, and work isn’t that hard anymore now that I’m used to it. My friend Andy Bailey now works there too, because I suggested he work there. He’s not doing too bad. There’s also this guy called “Victor2” which I guess is because we already have a Victor working there. I have yet to meet him, but he seems to be a rather silly person.

I’ve been pretty bored. I haven’t really done much this summer. I did visit my cousins Athena & Alex’s house, and they’ve visited here, but that’s about it. We just most played Mario Party 8. Otherwise than that, it’s been boring. I’ve been really meaning to hang with some friends, but I just don’t know what to do. It’s been really HOT so far. We’ve had 100+ temperatures in a row. They’ve even been considering banning some fireworks. It’s nuts. I hope to go to the beach later this summer if it’s not so hot. I’m also planning on taking a driving course at Sears. I’m kind of excited because I’ll soon have some freedom, but I’m also disappointed because this is yet more growing up and driving has come at a great expense to me.

That’s about it lately.


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