Leaving Quiznos, a broken camera, went to Spalshtown, and a trip to Iowa crushed – WORST SUMMER EVER!

I went to Quiznos to turn in my uniform, and pick up my paycheck, a few days after I wrote the previous blog post. My dad took me there, on the way to do some errands. I walked in, it was kinda busy, and Kelly took me to the back where we were sorting it all out. I gave her the shirt, and she asked where the hat that came with it was. I told her I left it here somewhere and she look like she wasn’t going to believe it. Thankfully, Ryan was chopping something nearby, and came to my rescue by pointing out the hat he was wearing, was mine, because it had my name on (I’m also grateful that Jessica or Victor wrote my name on it!). She gave me the paycheck, and I just wanted to clear that I was just laid off and that I wasn’t fired. She said yeah, but if I wanted to find a different place to work, just go ahead and do that. She might call me in, she might not. Oh well. I saw the ‘new’ girl Jamie, and she didn’t seem like much in my opinion. I asked Kelly why she fired me. I said it. She replied that she heard from Victor or someone that I was still mixing up which meat was black angus and which was prime rib (it’s an easy mistake because they both look similar and are right next to each other), but she knows I do understand now. I mean that mistake stopped since early May, I think. I guess that is a mistake that shouldn’t have gone on, but still. She also said she still thought I was slow, but in my opinion, I’ve sped up significantly since January. I usually know what to do now without having to look. She also said that the other employees know what needs to be done, and don’t need to look at ‘the list’ of tasks she writes sometimes. Whatever. Anyway, I got fired laid-off for those things. If I had seen this coming, I would definitely have done my utmost best to stay in the business. I just feel like I’m in one of those reality shows where you’re competing with other contestants (coworkers) for this job/career thing, and I just got kicked out. It’s not like I haven’t done my best, but I would push myself to the extreme to stay in. Like I said, the job at Quiznos is probably the best I could have got around here. Unfortunately, I also had another issue with one of my previous paychecks that my dad pointed out. It’s like one of the checks bounced, and the bank had to reprocess it again after Quiznos or whatever gave it back, but there was also a $25.07 or something like that fee, and my dad expected Quiznos to pay for their mistake. I asked Kelly about this, but she said something like it was already taken care of and I should just check my account again. I went to the car and told my dad this, and he got all angry, and stormed off to the shop. I could go back in there. I’d be humiliated so much! My dad really cares about our family’s money flow, and he never wants to be overcharged, not even a few pennies. I could just imagine him in there, talking to Kelly in his accented English or sputtering out Vietnamese, yelling, and not helping with the angry Asian stereotype. UGH. I don’t think she’ll be calling me back now. Anyway, he said she resolved it.

Not so long after I heard the news I got laid off, I found out my Sony W290 camera had an internal screen issue. Like when I turn it on, 4/5 of the screen is blackened with the top portion of this black blob having a nasty arch of distorted banded color lines. Argh! I discovered this when I pulled out my camera to take pictures at Willowbrook Mall. I don’t know what I could have done to damage it. I don’t recall many times that I dropped the camera, and even those very few times I did, it was inside a case. I’m really mad that Sony used this really fragile type of LCD in their cameras. It’s so sensitive to even a finger on it, as you leave very noticeable fingerprints, and you have to buy a special LCD cleaning kit to clean it. Anyway, the bad news was that I couldn’t find my receipt and that I didn’t buy any stupid special warranty from Best Buy (because I bought one for my Zune, and it turned out to be a waste of money since no serious damage ever occurred). I went to Best Buy and tried to get them to fix it, but they said that based on the issue, I must have damaged it, and they’d only do something if it was a manufacturing issue. ARGH! If you ask me, I thought it was a manufacturing issue, as my Canon PowerShot worked great even when I did drop (without a case!) though there were some minor issues. But nothing like this! I think Sony can fix it if I ship it to them, but I’m worried because Sony has the same “We won’t fix it, if you accidentally broke it” type of policy, and that shipping it was all for nothing, and I have the risk that my camera will be even more damaged from shipping it to Laredo.

I also didn’t have a stellar time at Splashtown. My brother Alan didn’t want to go, but when my sister came by to pick us up, she demanded that Alan go too, and that kinda made everyone a bit angry and at unease in the car. After stopping by her house to get some things and change, we drove and she dropped me off at Splashtown while she and my two brothers were going to a different waterpark. So I went up to the ticket booth for season passes and luckily, there was no one in line. I planned on getting the season pass for just $64.99 as it said on their site:


What they don’t tell you, as usual, is that this is their online price. Not their at-the-gate price. I had to end up paying $75.06 for my season pass. Can you believe that? Ugh. What was even worse, as that I only had $74.70 or $74 dollars and a few coins. So I had to get my sister to come back, and she was kinda pissed, because I told her I had about $75, but she thought that meant I had enough or whatever. She gave me $8 bucks, and when I went back to the booth, there was actually a group of four at the window. It was empty when I first got there, and now I had to wait for these folks. I decided to wait under the shade right next to one of the empty windows that wasn’t being used, while waiting for the foursome to hurry it up. 2 girls stood in the line behind me, but when the employee opened up another window, she called them over, instead of the guy that was standing right in front of her! She was the same employee I tried paying my season pass to. Could you believe that? I think I was more of a priority than these women, and I just needed to pay for the stupid season pass and go. I had to wait behind those two girls (who weren’t even attractive anyway). Finally the employee called me up, and she gave me a stupid piece of paper so I could get in.

I got in, and I decided to head straight for the far end of the park where I was suppose to register my season pass card. It was sweltering out here, and I felt a little envious of all the people splashing around as I reached the place. Unfortunately, the stupid family foursome was there again when I opened the door, they were blocking me and hogging the tray of pencils, that I couldn’t reach. They finally finished up, and instead of moving up the line, they decided they want to go back out. ARGH! I soon saw that there was no one else in the line, and I couldn’t believe this foursome waste my time like this. I quickly wrote down my information on the paper, and I walked over to the guy that registers the info and card. I handed him the slip of paper, he typed it all in, and I got ready for my stupid picture. Done. I was still hot, and I still needed to find a place to stash my backpack for a bit while I played. I put it in my usual hiding spot, and then I went to play. It was fun, but I got kinda exhausted from the stupid Splashtown unfriendliness and I just didn’t want to play anymore. I decided to wait under the shade of an area right next to the restroom/shower stalls. I got hot easily, and when I wanted to buy a bottle of soda from the vending machine, it was an outrageous $3. I took more showers, and less than 2 hours later, I got kicked out. There was this creepy guy in the bathroom/changing area, and I guess he was waiting to use one of the restroom stalls, but I felt he was eyeballing me weird. He was really big and fat, had balding gray hair, and wore some dorky glasses. He looked like a brute. I left the area, and decided to get an ICEE to help myself relax a bit. I expected it to be 3-4 bucks, for a tube that was really narrow and long, but it was like $6! She told me before I paid that it all the other flavors were watery but grape, but grape didn’t seem so bad. Splashtown overcharges way too much. I was taking another shower (man was I beat and hot), and there he was again helping his kids change. I think he was eyeballing me again. A few minutes later, security escorts me out, and question why I was there so often. Mr. Creepy is saying that I’ve been there for quite a while, and that I was doing ‘inappropriate stuff’ in front of his children. That’s a downright lie! I did see his kids, but I did nothing nasty in front of them. I really do not want to hurt a kids innocence (unlike most teenagers), and the only nasty thing I can think of doing is just yanking my shorts off in the shower, but it was only to get better underneath, and to wring out the wetness in them. But that’s nothing uncommon. I’ve seen a lot of men and guys do it before, and it’s not like we men should be uncomfortable or scared of seeing a nude man. We all know what we’ve got. Just ridiculous. I told the guard that I was just hot, and waiting for my ride to get here, but if it’d make them feel happy, I’d leave. He said fine, and I went, but I went out dizzily and I waited on a bench outside the park and just for show, I laid on the bench uncomfortably, and like I was extremely heat-stressed. I laid there all the way till the last person came out (I got kicked out a few minutes before closing time, but not all guests left until around 7:30) and then some time after. I don’t know why my sis was taking so long, but she called and told me that Alex (her husband) would pick me up around 8. Actually he came around 8:12. When questioned why I didn’t just walk over the McDonalds nearby, I really can honestly say that I only had one buck, after buying that stupid season pass and the expensive ICEE and I was just too tired to go over there.

Just yesterday, my mom called during the middle of the day, and said that my aunt was interested in driving over to Iowa, and that if I wanted to go, I should tell my brother Alan and we should pack. But when she got home, it was cancelled because she was too tired or whatever. We talked about this earlier this summer, but the idea was squashed at that time because my dad didn’t think she should be driving without him for such a long distance (my mom and dad argue over their driving skills) and he didn’t have any vacation days.

Life just sucks. I wish there was a restart button and I could do some things over again. Like push myself to the max in keeping my job, getting a good warranty for my camera or buying a different camera, not bothering with stupid Splashtown (a.k.a. Ripoff Park), and maybe some other stuff like getting in driving school earlier. I can’t do anything about the heat situation we’re experiencing (lot of dry hot heat, little rain), and there was probably more issues, but nothing I could do to resolve them.

I can only hope for the best.


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