Saw the latest Harry Potter film, and went to an Astros game!

I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Tinseltown on July 18 with some friends. I might have seen it the night before with my cousins, but Alan wasn’t interested that night. He claimed he could just buy it on DVD. We were going to go at night, but my mom still wasn’t home. My aunt and uncle didn’t want to leave Alan and Andrew alone, so they decided it was better if I didn’t go. Sigh.

Anyway, I had planned since Monday to see the film with Brianna Donahue, Tyler Bell, and Levi Dooley that Saturday. Unfortunately, that Saturday morning, I had found out my brother wanted to go. I interrogated him why he chose to go that day, instead of the opportunity he was presented yesterday, and then he confessed that he just really wanted to ensure he could get his daily computer time hours. I was steaming! I had planned on going with my friends, and that’s it. I didn’t want Alan in the car embarrassing me as we picked up Brianna and Tyler. I’m already embarrassed enough, but he has to come along? Ugh.

I laid out 2 basic rules which was not to let them here him speak, and to wear a good shirt. If he spoke, he might have intentionally (or purposefully) said some pretty stupid stuff about him, or they might think his voice is annoying (which in my opinion it is) or a bunch of other stuff. He usually wears pretty ugly shirts to places, and it makes us look kinda poor. He claims it feels good, but I’m quite a lot of t-shirts can feel good, but don’t have to be so ugly. I know I’m seeming really egotistical, but as a person that doesn’t get to hang out with many friends, its crucial to me that things go right. I don’t see why he has a problem with just doing 2 simple thing for me. Anyway, we had a big argument about it, he offered to do so for computer time (which I refused), and dad was yelling at us and at one point, he even said we might as well not all go. Alan finally said he wasn’t going, and dad said if he wasn’t going, the nobody was going. Nobody understood that I didn’t mind Alan going, but I didn’t want to be embarrassed. Sigh. I even dropped the two rules, and said as long as he doesn’t embarrass me in anyway, I would be fine with it.

So my dad took me, we picked up Tyler (who took forever!) and Brianna and went. We arrived there at the same time Levi arrived. So we decided we should buy our tickets first. Then we walked over to the Fuddruckers near the freeway.


We walked over to a door and it was locked because it was reserved to a “defensive driving class”. We were all wondering what the heck were they being rewarded for, so we just walked around to the other entrance. I’m not that familiar with Fuddruckers, so I just order some fries and a coke. I embarrassed myself when I walked away from the cashier and my friends waved me back because I didn’t pay enough with the $5 bill I gave her. I thought she had told me $4 something and I wanted to look at something else. I gave her a dollar or a quarter or something to pay for my meal of $5.13. So we decided to eat at a booth in the far corner. So we had discussions about what’s been going on lately, Tyler and Levi chatted about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and I mentioned my bike campaign, etc. Brianna had offered earlier, while we were still in line figuring out what to get, to share half of her bacon cheeseburger meal, and I wish I had accepted. By the time we were done, she still had more than half of her bacon cheeseburger uneaten, and a good number of French fries. Well that’s that. So we left.

We still had a long while before the movie started so we hit the arcade inside Tinseltown. Brianna defeated Tyler in air hockey, and later I defeated her (but she claimed she didn’t do so well on the account she had to hold her handbag for part of the game). Sometimes she would ask one of us to hold her handbag so she could play, and didn’t want to leave it on the ground or somewhere that might be dirty/sticky. I failed miserably to beat Tyler with a basketball hoops game, but only because I wasn’t to familiar where the hoops actually moved back and forth. Tyler used his tickets to get a prize from the prize machine, and game up with one of those brain teaser toys where you have to pull them apart. Well I did, but by brute force, not like the ‘solution’ where you position the clips in a certain way and pull apart. 🙂

So anyway, Tyler and Brianna won more games. They said that since Levi and I (the losers) lost, we had to wait in the long snack line and get their snacks for them. Of course they gave us the cash to pay for their snacks, its just that Levi and I had to wait and get it, while they got in the theater to get the seats. Levi and I waited and waited. I discussed about my proposal for a more wider and extensive bike lane system throughout Harris County, and he thinks it might work. Brianna wanted Rasinets and a large Coke, while Tyler wanted Sour Patch. We got them and went into the theater.

It was at that point, we realized this ‘plan’ failed. It was dark inside, there were a lot of people, and Levi and I couldn’t make out Brianna or Tyler from other people. We found some seats near the back, and Levi sent a text to one of them to signal or something to indicate where they were sitting, but they didn’t respond. So we just watched the movies by ourselves. The movie was all right. Some parts were really good, and some parts were ok. I thought that girl that loves Ron is so icky. I dislike lovey dovey girls. Anyway, I noticed some parts from the book were missing, and other parts slightly altered.

The movie finished, and we met back with Tyler and Brianna. We chatted, saw a display for the 2012 movie, and went back to the arcade to play a bit more. Levi left when his mom picked him up, and we decided to wait outside. We talked, and I called my dad to see when he was coming, but he kept changing his approximate time he’d be here, and the clouds were getting darker. About an hour later it was raining! It grew even stronger! Finally my dad came, and we all jumped in. I was really steamed my dad took so long. Tyler and Brianna seemed a bit upset at how late it already was, and I got even more steamed when my dad stopped by McDonalds to pick up two McFlurries for Andrew and Alan because they requested them. When my dad asked my friends if they had already alerted their parents, they didn’t understand him. It was just mortifying, because his English isn’t that great. I had to explain to them. Ugh. We got to our subdivision dropped them off, and headed for home. I vented out my frustration in the living room, and I was angry at how Alan got me all worked up like this, how my dad didn’t tell exactly where he was and was wrong with his approximations on when he would be here (I only suggested my friends we waited outside because it didn’t seem long before he would arrive, based on him coming from downtown, when he was actually farther off somewhere else), and I was really crushed. I wanted this to be a good outing with my friends. My dad responded that he’s not “my driver” and that my friends didn’t even thank him. I did feel bad, and I explained how I did appreciate him taking us, and that my friends weren’t sure if he would understand them, or they were in a rush to get home to think about it. Sigh.

So a week later, I’m going to an Astros game with Brianna, her mother, and her stepfather. They invited me around Tuesday of that week. I’ve really wanted to go to an Astros game this summer with my dad, but he’s always to busy to take me. In fact, it was my first time ever. So I arrive at Brianna’s house a few minutes late, I jump into their red Ford pick-up, and off we go. On the ride there, we just chatted a bit, hunted for a cheap parking spot near Minute Maid Park, and got in line to get in. The lobby looked just like one of those big train stations, and it was pretty neat. Right after the people checked the ladies’ bags, and our tickets, I saw some guys passing out black baseball caps. I recognized them! It was Scott and Sam from the Jersey Village ROTC! Scott said hi to me, and I said hi to them both.

So we wandered around the place, looking at the restaurant and shops. It’s bad enough that you can’t bring any food or drinks into the park (the only Major League Baseball to have such a no-tolerance rule), but the prices for food and drinks in the park, at any of the spots were pretty pricey. So we found our seats (Section 321, Row 3, Seat 7, on the Terrace Deck level), waited about an hour. Her parents got a magazine for Brianna to read through, and I read it too. I took some pictures of the park as I waited. Finally the game was ready. The national anthem played, and then the game started. A big fat old lady sat on the chair next to me, and as anyone knows about stadium seats, she was like less than an inch or two away. She’s a big baseball fanatic (not too much of an Astros), and she’d keep yelling about a lousy throw or other stuff. Luckily, they left like about half an hour later. A middle aged couple came next, and near the end of the game, a younger couple sat there. I remember he had some pretty good arms. Anyway, during part of the game, I went to get a chicken and finger basket, just like the one Brianna had earlier. I waited in line at this one spot, and it was like 6 minutes by the time I got up there. Guess what? No more there. I waited at another similar place, and the employee who took my order teased me and asked “Do you really want that? Can I see some ID?” Ugh. I got it, and it was about $8.50 when I would have priced it at $4.50 or less. Oh and a regular bottle (like a water bottle size) Sprite costs about $4.50. What a rip-off! I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything at an Astros game again.

So some funny stuff did happen. I liked the FanCam where they showed random shots of the crowd. At another point there was the KissCam. It was really funny. Fans who were on TV had to kiss their partner. One guy tried doing it with his woman, but she pushed him away in embarrassment. The last footage was of a Mets player proposing to a girl near the Mets’ dugout. It was pretty cool, because I don’t think this is something that often happens in MLB games. The big display board was going “SHE SAID YES!!!” and everyone was clapping and stuff. That was just awesome.

We left around 9, because it was pretty obvious the Astros were going to lose. It was 10-1, in favor of the Mets when we left. We walked back to the truck and went home. Brianna’s dad, Mr. Baird, was nice enough to get us autographed baseballs for Brianna and me.


I don’t know if the baseball was actually signed by each player, or if it was just blasted on by a machine, but it’s still nice. Mrs. Baird said we might even get to go again sometime, perhaps with her bowling league. I had a blast! Unfortunately, I looked up the score on Bing later, and it was an Astros loss of 3-10. Oh well.


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