Went to Splashtown, ate at Fuddruckers, saw District 9, and just about 1 week left before school starts

On Sunday, I went to Splashtown, played and have fun. I was looking at the price of things a bit more closer this time. Did you know a small bag of Frito Lay chips was $2.50 there? I’m not kidding. That’s like how much a big bag of chips cost at the market. A 20 oz. bottle of Pepsi products is $3.00 from the vending machine. There small/regular fries is $3.00. Etc. The only thing I spent actual money on was a Brisk from a can for $1 and a chocolate shell over vanilla popsicle for $1. Going to Splashtown can cut down your wallet FAST.


After that, my sister picked me up and we headed to my house so I could change and get ready to go with my friends to the movies. We were going to see District 9. So I got ready, my sister and I left the house and we picked up Brianna and Tyler and off we went. We stopped by the movie theater to pick up our tickets, and then she dropped us off at Fuddruckers which was nearby. We ordered our food. Brianna and I decided to share a bacon cheeseburger plain with a side of fries and one glass (I remember Brianna barely eat her platter last time, and I could save money and food this way). Unfortunately I was short a few dollars (I forgot Tinseltown charges $6 for night time), and Brianna paid the last 2 dollars of our bill for $11 and something. Tyler just got fries and a shake. We found a booth, chatted, and waited for our food to come. We chatted some more and Levi finally came over to our booth just after he finished ordering. We chatted some more about stuff. I showed them my senior pictures and Tyler joked I looked constipated. Whatever. I’m going to retake them I guess. Levi finally got his food, scarfed it down and off we went.

We showed up in time for our movie, and we spent the next several hours watching it. Tyler shared his small popcorn with me, most of it actually, because he wasn’t that hungry.I and Levi bought nothing. Brianna had a soda. It was a pretty good movie in my opinion. It started out in a documentary style with pieces of related news media interspersed with it. It mentions how the aliens came, what they discovered, the human v. alien clash, and eventually forcing the aliens into an area called District 9, that was a shantytown. The people at MNU (Multi-National United), a private company specializing in weaponry, are prepared to relocate the aliens to a new camp 240km away from Johannesburg so they wouldn’t bother the human citizens too much. The protagonist is Wikus van der Merwe, an affable employee at MNU who has just been assigned to lead the task of going to District 9 to get the ‘prawns’ (the aliens) to sign their signatures on the eviction notices. He tries to be really friendly at first, but of course, the aliens aren’t as understanding and sometimes the guys with weapons have to step in and threaten the prawns. They discover some illegal weapons at some residences (which those prawns are apprehended). They come to another one that is set apart from the documentary, now in regular film mode. Inside, the two aliens are very close to finally finishing their secret project they’ve been working on for so many years. Wikus and is crew are coming up, and the owner of the shack converses with them, but becomes rude and the muscle guys get him down and search his cabin. The other alien, Christopher Johnson, manages to escape away unnoticed. Wikus finds some advance weapons of course behind a secret wall, and is fizzled a bit when he unleashes the strange canister of black liquid into his face. When Wikus and Co. finally reach his shack, he gives CJ’s son a little lollipop thinking it would be so easy to control him, but the boy throws it back in his face. CJ comes out, they search his place and finds machinery decorating his wall but nothing really incriminating.

Wikus starts feeling weird, and you notice his fingernail coming off on one finger, how he looks disgustingly sick, and even his comrades noticed the blackish liquid coming out of his nose while eating at Gunther’s. Anyway, I’ll let you watch the rest of the movie and I’m not going to spoil anything else.

I start school again on August 24. It’s kinda a bummer, but this summer has also been mostly a bummer. I’m trying to get more people to join Environmental Club and seeing who wants to join a movie club I’m creating this year. That’s about it.


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