Saw “A Perfect Getaway” with Eric and worked on a trifold poster board with Mandy & Vanessa

Well I saw “A Perfect Getaway” yesterday with my friend Eric Sonne. He’s going to A&M on Sunday so he made plans to at least spend a little time with me, since we don’t often hang out a lot. He came by with his green Mustang (which could use a wash with all the crepe myrtle and gunk on his windshield) and we left. We chatted about how are lives were going on the way to the theater. Eric quit Rudy’s a few weeks ago, plans on majoring in ocean engineering, etc. I just told him a few of my misfortunes and plans for my last year at JV and beyond. We got to the theater, realized we were pretty early, and decided to go to Fuddruckers when we were done. As we stepped onto the curb, Eric remarked that one of our mutual friends, Katherine Humphreys, seemed less stuck up lately, and I concurred with him. The last time I had a Facebook IM chat with her, she seemed rather mellow. Anyway the ticket offices outside of Tinseltown were empty, so we headed inside. I paid for both his ticket and mine (it was going to be his birthday this Tuesday), but he gave me the money he was going to spend to me. We got back in the car, drove the short distance to Fuddruckers, and parked. There was like only ONE car in the parking lot. It was around 3 on a Wednesday, but I was still surprised. I never saw it so empty.

I went inside and it felt kinda quiet, despite the tunes playing on the loudspeaker. We ordered. Eric got a 1/2 pound burger with a side of fries and a drink, while I got a 1/3 pound plain bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries and a drink. My bill was $11.19 including a tax of 85 cents. It consisted of:

  • 1/3 BACON CHEDDAR : $6.84
  • RG ORIG FRIES : $1.99
  • LTO 3 BC COUPON BEV : –$.048 (I’m not sure, but I think because I didn’t do lettuce, tomato, and onions, I didn’t get charged, but I had no coupon?)
  • SOFT DRINK : $1.99

I just wanted to note this, in case I come back to this post one day, and realize how cheap it was back ‘then’.

So we waited for our orders to come. Eric got an iced tea with the lemon wedge, and I just got Cherry Pepsi. We chatted some more. Talked a bit more about ocean engineering and urban studies and such. I asked if he found a new girlfriend lately, and that was a negative, as well as my response to the same question when he asked me. My buzzer rang first, so when I went to get there, she greeted me by name (which I like btw) and told me the fries would be coming soon. She’d even go deliver them herself. Nice. So eventually we both got all of our orders, and we chatted and ate. For some reason though, I had a hard time eating my food. Like indigestion or whatever. I wanted to finish it all (I believe in using my money to its fullest), but in the end, I left a couple of the seasoned fries; about 4-5 or so. Eric remarked they seemed saltier. So we finished, and when Eric questioned if we just leave our trays on the table, I said “Yeah” and he remarked that’s something he’s not used to, probably because he worked at Rudy’s and all. So we got in the car and took the short drive to the theater again. Before we got out of the car, we packed a good number of Air Heads into our pocket. Eric says he prefers taking them in because they’re flat and easy to take in, and he doesn’t want to pay the ridiculous candy prices at the counter as much as I do. Not much of an Air Heads fan, but I took them anyway. So we got in, found our movie room, and watched a bunch of movie trailers (mostly scary ones). I thought the scary trailers were so stupid. There is little likelihood it will ever happen and the scenarios are so dumb.


So like 15-20 minutes after the movie was suppose to start (3:40) it finally started. Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good. It was pretty mellow and breezy at first, then it got more interesting a bunch of murders that appear as a male & female couple are on the loose after a killing spree in Honolulu. Sometimes during the movie, you’re wondering who’s really the murderers? Couple A, Couple B, or even Couple C? The suspense is pretty good, and they throw in some nice wordplay. Like the way Kale, a so-called ‘special ops’ guy who is aspiring to become in a new movie, remarks to Cliff (an upcoming screenplay writer) about how he doesn’t want to be a ‘red snapper’, while Cliff corrects him by saying that he thinks Kale means a ‘red herring’. Kale still disagrees, saying he’s sure the term is ‘red snapper’. Also, as they’re crossing a river with guided ropes suspended across it, they pass a guy going the opposite way, and when Cliff asks if it will take any longer to get to the beach, the guy remarks that they should expect a few ‘twists and turns’. You’ll later figure this all out later.

The ending of course has some kinda twist, which I could see coming though. Anyway, when the movie was finished Eric liked it as well and said he likes the way the plot was thought out and all. Eric went to the restroom real fast, and I turned on my cellphone, and we discussed some of the other elements of the movie as we headed out. I asked Eric if we could take a quick picture, and he said that was cool, and suggested we do one together with a self timer. I didn’t know how, and despite the screen not rendering a thing, he knew which button to do it, most likely because I recalled he had a Sony Cybershot himself. So yeah, we took one together, and I took one of just Eric. He offered me a water bottle from his trunk, and took one himself. Earlier he told me he and his mom had shopped around Target and other stores so he could move into his dorm easier. He noted he got the water bottles too, and when I asked if it was from Randalls, he confirmed that and correctly deduced that I noted the Safeway logo on them. Personally, I think plastic water bottles are a waste. I’d rather get a nice BPA-free durable metal water bottle that can be reused again, so I don’t have to pay for each bottle, and I can get water anywhere. He also offered me some of his Gatorade, but I’m really not a fan of it. As we continued driving, we noted that it’s likely it will rain soon. So we got to my house, I thanked him for spending some time with me, promised to keep in contact and that was about it. I look pretty dorky in the photo below, and I really hate my new haircut. I really got to work out more.

DSC00306   DSC00307

Last night, I got a call from Chris Charles about any meetings or whatever, and I asked if he could contact Mandy Tran for me, because she was one of the officers. Later Mandy called, and then we discussed if we could meet at Starbucks on West Rd. to make a trifold poster board of our club to present to incoming freshmen during Freshman Orientation on Saturday (9-11). Instead she said it would be better if we did at her house, so I wrote her address. I contacted Vanessa Rivera to see if she could help, but she only could if someone could supply her a ride from Starbucks (she had a TAFE meeting). So this morning, I got my dad to take me to Starbucks around 12 so we could pick Vanessa up, and I was going to see if the 99 Cents Only Store would have what I need, but it was closed for some reason. So we decided to go to Walmart near 290 because it was pretty close to Mandy’s place. Vanessa and I found what we needed i got a Dr. Pepper and we went. We found Mandy’s townhome and pulled our supplies in. I carried my big long blue storage bin of arts and crafts that I used to use a lot when I was a kid. It has tons of construction paper, tissue paper, pipe straws, foam sheets, etc. DSC00308

I lugged it upstairs where Mandy’s living room was. I thought Mandy’s townhouse looked pretty neat. I haven’t been in one so vertical before. There wasn’t a yard out front, but a gate for privacy, and a small patio with a few trees. Her kitchen and living room was oddly on the 2nd floor, and there was even some other rooms on the 3rd. There’s even a little terrace on both sides of the house, on the 2nd floor. Her street has many tall trees, offering some much needed shade. Anyway, I think it’s pretty neat. I at first didn’t notice the guy sitting on the sofa, but later I found out it was Nathan Park. I at first thought it was her brother, but I found out sometime later it was Nathan. Mandy and him are both in band, so it’s not surprising he was there. So for like the 1st hour, we were trying to think of what we wanted on the trifold, and we even wrote down some of our own ideas that the club should do this year. Unfortunately, a lot of our plans were undetermined, because I really haven’t been in contact with Mrs. Dickson, our teacher sponsor, over things. Vanessa remarked that every club had some constitution, but I had no idea what it was. So the next hour, we finally got to work and put stuff together. I wanted something more proper and orderly, but Vanessa and Mandy said we had to make it more interesting than that. Nathan offered some pretty good ideas like having a big tree stating what we do, and a speech bubble coming from it. Mandy. Vanessa had the idea to do grass, and I suggested having a blue background for the sky, but I got rejected multiple times because they felt it unnecessary and a time-consuming thing.  Before I left home, I printed a lot of pictures and even an article from my computer and the web. Neither of the girls really liked them, except the ones that actually showed what our club did. (Just so you know, the Eco Club at JVHS has traditionally been rather sloppy and slow, and our ‘historian’ never really released us any pictures of what we did. Our historian was also one of the school’s news reporter.) With little photos, I just pulled some images from a video I had taken from one of our parties. 

The end result so far is what you see above. I plan on adding green pipe cleaner straws on the bottom as grass, and printing out better color photos of who we are. It’s rather messy as you can see. I still think it would have been better if we did a blue background. I might add more to the leaves of our friend. So that’s about it so far.


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