First week of school was ok, went my great-grandmother’s funeral

The school is a bit more confusing to go through now. The new east wing opened up, the grand staircase in the large commons has been blocked by an enormous white wall, the back area with the statue is still closed, the hallway nearest the gym directly towards the portables is one-way only (from portables towards the large commons, and you take the band hallway to go the other way), and now announcements are just on the school’s webpage and we just say the pledges, and super, brief important announcements.

Also, you’re not allowed to be on your cellphone when driving in a school zone, vending machines with carbonated sodas are turned off during school hours so kids don’t get obese, though they’re on before and after school.

My classes were until today:

  • Government K – Coach Higgins
  • Nutrition & Food Science – Mrs. Burnett
  • Counselor Student Assistant – Mrs. McFarland
  • English IV Dual-Credit – Mrs. Parham
  • Lunch
  • Calculus AB – Mrs. Wade
  • Environmental Science AP (APES) – Mrs. Dickson
  • Early Release

Brief thoughts: Government K with Higgins was awesome. He’s a really great teacher. He’s male, so he’s automatically more funnier, he’s younger, like 27, so he understands us more, and he’s a coach, so all the more to him. He has a nice beard going on, until he shaved it off sometime before yesterday, he has a simple way of doing things, rather than tedious rigmaroles that some older teachers are in a habit of doing, and he seems more efficient in my opinion of getting things ‘done’. I also like the people in my class. Unfortunately, there was like 42 people at it’s peak day in the class, so they had to level out people.

Nutrition Food & Science is kinda boring. There will obviously be cooking involved, but it’s also more about food content and the way foods are. It’s kinda like Home Economics, which I think they came up with a new name and style for N&FS. I pretty much know very few people, not interested in knowing more, but it is what it is. Mrs. Burnett is ok. She’s more of the older type of teachers, and she has her set routines, but it’s not too difficult to deal with.

Student Assistant for Mrs. McFarland is was pretty convenient. So far, there hasn’t been a lot of work, and during my free time, I can work on last night’s homework or today’s homework. Jobs just require a little manual power, or a lot of walking power delivering notes or stacking stuff. Very easy. Mrs. McFarland has her things about always sitting down, and always having your badge on until the bell rings, even if it’s only a minute before, but I’m fine with that.

Mrs. Parham reminds me a lot of Mrs. Dubose, who was my English teacher during my sophomore year, and also taught English IV Dual-Credit until she retired last year. They’re very similar, and tell us to absolutely have as very few “to be” verbs as possible. They both talk a lot about stuff we should know, etc. Our desks are arranged around a circle in the room, to make discussions better, etc. She seems fine so far.

Lunch is B Lunch. Not many of my friends over at this lunch. Go figure. I guess I should be happy it’s not the very early A lunch, nor the last with C lunch. They raised chip prices from 50 cents to 60 cents this year! Also, I remember a time sodas were 65 cents and now they’re 75 cents, though that could have been the same last year.

Calculus with Mrs. Wade is ok. She seems to talk and demonstrate concepts pretty fast sometimes. Not really fond of the people in that class either. I don’t really like Calculus so far.

Environment Science is kinda fun. There’s definitely a lot of people in this class, and it looks like it will probably stay that way. I’ve had Mrs. Dickson as a sponsor for my Environment Club, which I’m the president of btw. She claims she’s “older than earth” but she doesn’t appear that old. Coach Higgins popped by today and said something like he was meaning to pop by in sometime, and he even said he had her as a teacher here, not so long ago! Even a little crush, I think. Mrs. Dickson retorted back by saying that maybe she had a crush on him, but it’s joke of course. He went away after that. We’ve been exploring what science really is, by doing labs and filling out information on our little 4-square chart. The class has a good mix of people, so it’s fine with me.

Early Release hasn’t been of much use to me so far. I don’t have a car, so I can’t escape home right away. I don’t have a job now also, so that doesn’t help. Now my dad picks me up if he has the time to, because finding a classroom and doing work until the bus comes or my club starts is pretty boring to me. Going home is not an option considering the distance and the heat during that time of the day. At least I don’t have to have another class.

Unfortunately, my schedule got changed yesterday! They finally leveled out people of his 1st period, and I just happened to be one of those! 1st period is now student assistant for the attendance office, and there’s a lot of work! I have to take in people that are late, and have several routines depending on whether they have a pass, no pass, a parent, or a nurse’s pass. I have to also send slips to classrooms around the building. I have to sort through new schedules and organize them into the file cabinet. Etc. Not enough time to do my homework or study it seems. Also, I miss my history class. 😦

3rd period is now with Miss Daniels. I remember she was Mrs. Barnett’s teaching assistant when I was in 10th grade for World History. She’s young and all, but she’s more brisk in manner and about efficiency, and seems kinda like the strict time. Also, there’s not many interesting people in her class. A good number of the students today were dumped just like me. It just didn’t feel as fun.  The only benefit to this new schedule is that getting to classes isn’t as hard as it was, but still. I walk fast, so I’d rather have everything back the way it was. I know nothing’s perfect, but come on. Just a little piece of goodness at school?

Levi told me a lie, or something that wasn’t really true. He said that  Chris Holt, this guy from JVTV and football HATES me because partially he thinks I’m homo, thanks to my stupid immature and not-deep-enough voice, and because he thinks I’m all ‘innocent’ like. That’s just BS. I never even met him, as far as I recall. I asked around what people thought about Chris, because Levi said Chris hates a lot of people. Seems that Chris is pretty much an OK guy, and never said or seemed like that.

I got my current rank, and I dropped 11 ranks!!! I used to be #22 in my class of like 691, but now it’s #33 out of a class of 667. I’m going to have to work harder this year 😦

ARGH!!! I’ve been working on this post for awhile and my schedule got CHANGED AGAIN! Now my English IV class during 4th period is at 6th period (still have Mrs. Parham), and my Environmental Science class is now during 4th period (NEW teacher and not so awesome classmates!) and I have the first lunch of the day, A lunch! This is just getting tiring! So now here’s my most recent schedule:

  • Attendance Student Assistant – Mrs. Vick
  • Nutrition & Food Science – Mrs. Burnett
  • Government K – Ms. Daniels
  • A Lunch
  • Environmental Science – Mrs. King
  • Calculus – Mrs. Wade
  • English IV Dual-Credit – Mrs. Parham
  • Early Release

You can see how it all went downhill. The only ‘perk’ I can say is that going from place to place is a bit easier, but I can walk fast anyway and this is not at all as useful as working with the right teacher and people. I can only hope things get better. All of this makes me feel I lost something I never had.


I went to my great grandmother’s funeral last weekend. Her name was Banh Chuyen. She was born in 1924 according to the DVD. I really never knew her much, since there was always language barriers with her speaking Vietnamese often, but she seemed really nice and always had a lot of candy in her place near grandma’s house. The last time I ever saw her was at this nursing home facility somewhere in the southeast part of town, closer towards Baytown. She was in a state where she really couldn’t talk anymore, and seemed dependent on machines to keep her alive. It was really sad for me. I felt really sad for Ah Thai, and I really wished she could be the way I remembered her. The entire facility smelt awful if you asked me, and that was not the way I would want to spend the rest of my life. I didn’t know what to say, but I knew in my head that I really hope she could be happier and such.

So the funeral came. It started early Saturday morning, and we went through some ritual. Then my sister and the other ladies in the family set up the food and drinks in the eating room for family members and guests. I really liked the Triscuit crackers, the cream cheese and chives ones. There was coke and sprite too. My Aunt Nicole’s boyfriend came too. His name is Scott. They’ve been together for over a year or something. He apparently works at a company called Cerner, and he like sells or does stuff with software that can automatically take information from scanned pieces of paper (like a birth certificate or insurance card or whatever) and place them in the appropriate fields on a digital document. So a person doesn’t have to manually type from the physical document, the software can do it all if the paper is scanned. I guess that’s pretty neat, and it’s meant more for healthcare places. So yeah, Scott and I went to the Kroger to get some more forks and plates, and gummy bears for my Aunt. My aunt loves the Haribo gummy bears.


So we waited for more people to come, and then my dad took me and my bros home for the day. We said our goodbyes to everyone and left.

We came again the next day and did the ritual thing with a bit of a variation I think. Refreshments and drinks were set up again, and there were more visitors this time. I heard my Aunt Nicole was going to move to Chicago to work for some financial firm. At least a year according to her contract. I was pretty sad. She likes to take me and my cousin places sometimes, and I can sometimes depend on her if I need a ride. So I had to say goodbye to her too. More family and friends of my great-grandmother came and then it was time to do the afternoon ritual. After that, we said some more goodbyes to each other and talked and such. We cleaned up too. My great-grandmother was cremated the next day, which was a school day, and I’m not sure if it’s something I really would have wanted to go to.

So that’s about it so far.


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