Updates for the past several months

Well a lot of things have happened. So school has been ok. Classes are usual. Easy classes are Food Nutrition Science and student assistant for the Attendance Office. You just need to remember some nutrition information and cooking skills in FNS and some weeks we set-up and cook. I’ve had some very delicious meals there, and it only tastes more better because I helped make it. Most of my work in student assistant for the Attendance Office is just filing some dumb notes, schedules, or disciplinary things. Oh, and writing passes too. And then giving out passes to students in the school. Very boring, but sometimes, I get all the filing done and have time to myself. English isn’t too bad, if you do your work. But because Mrs. Parham only takes a few grades, what you do really does count. We’ve been using Turnitin.com lately, and it works sometimes and sometimes it’s quirky! Calculus is a mixed bag; There’s like HW every day, and we gotta bundle it together to turn in on the test day. I’m just glad I didn’t take the higher level Calculus BC, because I’d be in such a mess. Government is easy-peasy for the most part. Environmental Science is mostly easy too, but more difficult than Government.

Homecoming time was fun. I went to the parade, game and dance this year. I tried my best to get Environmental Club a float, but apparently most of my members and officers already had commitments with their other organizations. Of course, none of the other organizations I’m involved in had floats, so I had to try to find a float I could hop on, because I like being a part of everything. I tried Spanish club, and insisted on helping out where I can, but they didn’t need any help, and there were already too many people on a simple pick-up truck bed. So then I found Journalism/Yearbook and that was the one I achieved. They had a pick-up truck hitching a trailer bed, so that their group could be on the trailer bed. I helped out of course, with the decorations on the outside, though I did wander around a bit and managed to sneak out a hot dog that was meant to be for the sophomore football team (they wore purple shirts, i wore a purple shirt). So after being 15 minutes late, we finally started. I don’t remember exactly, but I think the float in front of us was a baseball team, and the float behind us was a football team. I remember seeing Mr. Higgins standing throughout the parade on the back of the pick-up truck. There were crowds of people standing for candy, and we tossed them out at random people. A couple people tried to make targets for us to throw the candy at, with umbrellas or even a hand-made bulls-eye or even bags. Personally, I think tossing out candy is pretty stupid since most of it might fall on the ground and be a bit dirty, and some people may even choose to ignore them if they don’t like it, and it’s kinda like littering, which would be rather a waste and all. But we tossed ‘em. Then at the end of the parade, we gathered around the football field and saw our candidates again, and the band played a tune, the Hola/Step girls did a routine, and the gold dusters did their thing. Oh, and the cheerleaders too.

On the Homecoming Game day, I managed to arrange a ride with Kriselle Yap, who graciously let me rid with her and her mother to the game. I don’t think I could have gone to the game without them! The game was all right. I mingled with lots of my friends and classmates, and watched the game. NEVER buy any food items from the concession stands at the Berry Center. It’s overpriced and not even good! I got a pretzel for like $1 or $1.50, but it was like super salty! Kinda good but they need to add less salt. The hot dog was just plain nasty. It’s not even grilled; it’s just barely cooked in warm water, and still tastes raw. If you must, buy only drinks! I don’t know, but I think you can smuggle your own food or at least bring candy in your pocket. Anyway, we lost like 27-6, but oh well.

The dance was pretty neat. I thought they could have at least decorated the court yard, or even turn the lights on, but they didn’t. It was a European theme this year. The biggest decorations were a pretty life-like black Eiffel tower (which Marco Luz told me came in an assembly package) with Christmas lights around it, a London double-decker and Big Ben tower, and then there was a Venetian gondola. I danced with some girls, but my friend, Vanessa Rivera, who was suppose to come with her boyfriend (who couldn’t make it) wouldn’t dance with me! She said she can’t dance, and doesn’t even want to try to dance! Oh well. The DJ was ok in my opinion, but my friend, Jeremy Niederheiser, didn’t like him so much. I took a video, but it wasn’t that great. Overall though, I was satisfied, and managed to go home with Richard Chu and his dad.

Battle of the Falcons happened about a week ago. It’s a new thing; it’s pretty much a talent show with the proceeds from the ticket sales ($5) going to charitable organizations that each act represents. Most acts involved a musical talent. The first act seemed good, if only the girl could be more audible, because she was singing so darn soft! Another act I remember was this girl named Gabby Barrios (I think) and she sang pretty well on her guitar. I don’t remember the song, but it was very good, and I casted my vote for her. Long Pham and his group did a pretty neat job with their dance and jump performance and did win 1st prize. Tim Mardis did a hilarious routine showing a ‘sensitive side’ and then singing the Titanic song “My Heart Will Go on Forever” or whatever it is in a very soft voice. Somewhere during the middle and end of his singing, Nic Dutcher came from behind the curtains and grasped his arms around Tim from the behind, and bowed his head down, and that of course brought a lot of attention. You could see everyone standing up, waving their cellphone screens to the music and such, and they won 2nd place. There were some more acts, but those were the memorable ones in my opinion. Emily Whittemore did a pretty good rendition of “Hallelujah”. Josh Dolittle and his band made their own song and Josh sang while on the cello. Josh Kunkel and his group had technical difficulties in the beginning of their act, so they had to let Guitar Girl (Gabby Barrios) step in while they fixed it, and performed right after her. I didn’t like their music so much, as the one they kinda hummed while behind the curtains. So it was pretty good, and the top winners had most of the ticket sales go to their organization. I don’t remember Long and his group’s organization, but I think it was To Right Love on Her Arms.

So let’s see what else. I have been kinda dating someone, but it’s more of a group thing. I’m not sure if we can call it a date, but I think it is. Anyway, we met at the Galleria after a botched attempt at doing an Interact club volunteer event at Hermann Park, and it took off from there. We’ve done 3-4 dates, and they were pretty wonderful. The last one involved going to a block party on Westheimer (which was a bit funky than I’m used to), walking my date’s dog, Grizzly (mix with Australian Cattle Dog), spending some time at the house and then going to Russo’s New York-Style Pizzeria in Midtown for dinner (very good and BIG slice of pizza and my date’s calzone was tasty!), and took a drive through River Oaks.

I’ve already accomplished paying my cap and gown, and most of my other dues already. I am NOT buying a class ring or all that other junk in the catalog, because it’s just an object and won’t give me any more memories than the photos and videos I’ll take. I don’t need fancy invitations either or jumbo tassels and whatnot. I’m also NOT buying the senior portraits. They’re outrageously expensive, and it’s not like they even took place as it supposedly happened. I still need to pay my Senior fees, and perhaps my club’s t-shirt fee. Senior fee is $100 and should cover my prom ticket and senior breakfast stuff. T-shirt fee for Environmental Club is $15.

I’m like trying to apply for college apps, but the process is rather difficult and the deadlines are so fast! I’m going to work on my essays today, though I’ve already done Essay B in English. I hate application deadlines.

Thanksgiving was pretty good this year, like usual. Unfortunately, with my Aunt Nicole in St. Louis (transferred to a new job from Chicago there), my mother’s parents in Vietnam, and my Aunt Phuong and her household not coming, it was a pretty much unusually smaller Thanksgiving this year. Minh and Nancy didn’t come either. The mashed potatoes were good as usual, and the ham and corn. My Aunt Christina made some pretty good spinach dip for the chips, which she kept hoping seemed as good as the ones in restaurants. I rifled through some of my sister’s cooking magazines, looking at the scrumptious items they had, then rode around my sister’s neighborhood on my bicycle that I brought along. This neighborhood is GREAT for biking. There’s a lot of lakes (ponds) around and trails you can go on, so biking is much nicer here. It’s pretty much higher-income here too, with the obvious bigger houses than my neighborhood and of course, gated. Kinda annoys me a bit though, to see the outside lights left on some EMPTY houses in the early afternoon; such an energy waste. I really do like my sister’s house though. Even though it’s one story, it FEELS big. The little black iron gate outside their porch is pretty neat, and I love the cavernous nook on the porch, that’d seem like a good place to eat breakfast or relax in. They even have some neat light scones on the wall, and the architect did a good job of not obstructing the windows, so that’s they’re more easily accessible so that’s it’s easier to wash on the outside. The interior is very nice too. Kinda wish our house (just a few years old) had the same touches too. Personally though, I couldn’t imagine living Lakes of Cypress Forest. Even though it’s more ideal than most suburban subdivisions, the maintenance and costs seem to be too much for me (even if I did make good money), and I like being closer with people and not having to rely on a car to get everywhere.

On Black Friday, I ordered a Zune HD for just $197.99! Usually, the 16GB version costs $219.99, but Amazon.com had a good $22 off bargain and there’s also NO SHIPPING FEE, NO SALES TAX, and most important of all NO LINES. I should be getting it by December 1, Tuesday. It would be so much cooler if there were always online deals. Of course, I hope the state govt. isn’t going to start demanding sales tax on online purchases anytime soon…. I mainly bought a Zune HD, over something like the iPod Touch, because I like the Zune interface better, I KNOW the desktop software is better than iTunes, among other neat Zune features that outdo the iPod Touch in my opinion. So I’ll be gladly getting it for my birthday. Though it’s kinda coming out of my bank funds…but will be returned when I get birthday and Christmas money hopefully.

So that’s about it for now. I’ll post some pictures of recent things later.


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