Beyond Sealine Express shows recovery



A southern subsidiary of NorAm Shipping owned by shipping magnate Stephen Gerrard, Beyond Sealine Express Corp. (BSEC: NYSE), has started to recover after a month of fixing issues related to the disturbances that took place across much of the Eastern Seaboard, and southern region of the United States.

Daniel McKernon, chief executive officer of BSE, has commented to the press that “The company has been back on track for almost a week now. We are approximately 85% complete with repairs on vessels, cargo containers, as well as dealing with the issues of damaged or lost cargo that took place during the incidents.”

BSE’s largest port of operations in the United States, The Port of New Marais in Louisiana, suffered only minor damages during the crisis. William Jones, port operations officer of BSE’s New Marais offices stated that, “During the crisis that unfolded, we indeed had to vacate our offices, warehouses, and other port operations due to warnings issued by a certain party that took over governmental affairs during the incidents. Our company’s number one priority is to ensure the safety of our employees and partners, and with the United States government out of reach at that time, we had no choice but to remove all essential data and equipment that we could, and keep it at a special storage facility designed for such emergencies.”

Hapag Lloyd Mass Distribution International (HLMD International), a major global transportation company, also suffered similar issues as they worked to recover from the crisis as well also. HLMD Intl. is the chief competitor of BSE at its ports in the southern United States, particularly the New Marais location.


BSE’s operations in the Port of Houstorn in Texas managed to evade any damages, though the Port of Midami in Florida only had a few weather-related damages. While Florida was lucky enough to not be in target of the beast that cruised a path across the eastern half of the country, the state did experience strange weather phenomenon.

NOAA scientists could not figure out how exactly hurricane-like wind speeds and thunderstorms moved into the area while the crisis occurred. Data from the National Weather Service has shown there to be air pressure disturbances across Louisiana that managed to knock into the Gulf Stream. Several New Marais residents claimed to have witnessed mini-tornados or even ‘vortexes’ that appeared to erupt spontaneously from nowhere, accompanied by lightening in the sky. However, there is not much visual evidence given to suggest this.

With BSE’s reputation as a company that ‘goes beyond and above the Gulf of Mexico to transport goods fast’, there is very little doubt that BSE will soon be up to one-hundred percent recovery by August.

BSE’s current stock price is 39.23 per share, with a monthly difference of –2.5%. Several Wall Street analysts contribute this to the company’s ability to rebound fast after many incidents, and has faired well in comparison to other companies after the crisis.


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