Pizza Hut rip-off–Personal Pan Pizza

I recommend that people  don’t buy Pizza Hut’s Personal Pan Pizza. It’s a rip off for what you get. It’s well known that in many cases, the larger the volume you buy, the cheaper per unit it costs. This was not an exception. But it seemed grossly overpriced in my opinion.


I would equate one Personal Pan Pizza to 1/5 a large pizza at Pizza Hut, meaning I feel it had the same volume as 2 slices out of 10 slices in a whole. Of course, it won’t be priced at 1/5 the value, because you’re not buying in bulk, but I would gander it’d be reasonably priced around 1/3 of the value. Pizza Hut promotions have been going on about their $10 large pizza (probably $10.83 including tax where I live), so I would say 1/3 of $10 would be $3.33 not including tax. If it included tax, I would pay $3.60.


How much did I pay? I paid $4.29 including tax. I know I sound like such a whiner; I don’t have to buy their darn pizzas, but after going through one, I just didn’t feel like I was getting my money’s worth. I only went to the one on campus here, because the Subway next door was closed. Anyhow, I’d at least like to say that if you’re looking for some bang for your buck, this tiny pizza will probably not satisfy this.


3 responses to “Pizza Hut rip-off–Personal Pan Pizza

  1. I must say that you are quite correct in your analysis. I recently did a paper for college comparing Pizza Hut to Domino’s and I discovered that a Personal Pan Pizza which has a diameter of 6 inches costs 16 cents per square inch whereas a 12 inch pizza at Pizza Hut costs 7 cents per square inch. That’s less than half!

  2. This was the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen ALL day! I especially liked how you placed the tiny pen, the tiny water bottle, and the tiny business cards next to the pizza box to give us all an idea of just how … tiny … the personal pan pizza is. I was just about to order this via their website (for delivery), but did a quick search to find out how big this would be, and I found your post. AWESOME JOB! And thanks for the late afternoon guffaws!!

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